Tuesday, July 29, 2008

P. Monkey Wins!

In that LONG battle between P. Monkey-Lovers and Owen-Lovers, it is finally over. I have just recently given Owen a score of 0, and made P. Monkey the winner! So, everyone who wanted Owen to win, too bad! He's dead! OK, I'm done.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sarah=Evil? (Part 2)

I'm back! Woooo! I won't be back for long though, but I'm officially announcing my return to this blog as Thursday. But, I have time today, so why not do a blog. I was thinking about what would make a cool blog, and I remembered Friday's video: "We're Screwed!!!" and thought that would be perfect. Because, besides Bree of course, Sarah is---was my favorite character. She became my least favorite character at the revelation that she was a mole. YES, MOLE! SHE WORKS FOR THE ORDER! I can't believe it. Jennie was supposed to be the plantcake, not Sarah. I understand that she was forced, and blah blah blah, but she could've told TAAG and have them shoot her dad, or she could've just done it herself. But no, instead she kept them informed about everything, even though she "loved" them all. If you really loved them Sarah, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TOLD THE ORDER THEIR EVERY MOVE! Auuugh, Sarah, you dummy-head. Taylor can rot in hell for all I care, because you are a TRAITOR! She didn't defy her dad, now did she? She didn't seek help from her friends, now did she? This makes her PLANTCAKE-Y-MOLEY-TRAITOR-THING! I would have NEVER in A MILLION years thought that you worked for The Order. IT'S YOUR FAULT GINA IS DEAD! If you help them fight The Order this week, I'll consider forgiving you, but right now I kinda DESPISE YOU! My rant is done. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milowent's Song

OK, I said I wouldn't blog this week, and I probably won't too much, but, as I was reading through the comments (thanks for leaving them by the way), I saw that Milowent had written a song about kids in the community. I was, like, freaking amazingly happy. This is just what Poknish and I talk about, and the whole point to this blog. So, I decided to make a blog and show everyone who hadn't seen it. Here it is:


They may be young,

and may not drive,

But they keep the lg15 dream alive,

Don't count them out

Don't give them hell

Though they may work

at Taco Bell

We all were young

yeah that's right

Back when TV's

were Black and White,

I hope you know

this song's in jest

Keep on truckin'

You're All the Best.

Great song, Milowent! Keep writing more, they're always awesome!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hiatus #1

OK, for those of you who actually care this much about my blog (and I doubt there are that many of you, lol), I'm going to stop posting. But only for, like, a week. I have a very hectic week ahead of me and won't have ANY time by my computer, so you won't be seeing me much. I'm also planning another hitaus, somewhat after LG15 ends, as I won't have much to blog about. But, if you don't see me for a week, this is why. Adios!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Did YOU Like Poknish's Guest Blog?

The poll is on the side!

Guest Blog #1: Poknish

Hey guys, it's Poknish. Um, SNL asked me to do this Guest Blog-thingamijig. So I'm just gonna talk (or write). I think this blog is awesome! SNL is kinda giving the LG15 community a chance to voice their opinion. In the LG15 community, there are two groups of people: the ones who are willing to help noobs find a spot in the community, and the other that take a little longer to let you in their circle of friends. The LG15 community was not the first online community I have joined. I played, and still do play, World of Warcraft, but LG15 sorta took up my playing time.

I first learned that this community was a very unique community. I mean this is a very unique show, an online show where you actually get to talk to your favorite character. This was awesome. But I think it is so cool that the Creators and actors also reach out to the community. Which, since I am on this topic, why not just have a mini-rant right now? I like to think of myself neutral in this fight, but now I have to be honest and say I'm on The Creators side. I mean they have been on our side this whole entire time. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had the chance to meet these amazing people that I stay up with until like 3 AM at night. I find it sad how The Creators are criticized for everything they do. Now, I don't mean that the people that are mad at The Creators are "bad people". It's just that I have a hard time seeing their point of view on all of this. I know that The Creators love their fans SO MUCH-no matter what they do.

And then we come on the issue of kids in the community. I don't like the term kid. Let's go with Pre-teen or teenager. We are looked at like we can't do anything. Or like we don't have a say. I don't want to be looked like that. I'm a DJ on Bree Fm-how many teenagers are actually DJ's? I'm a Co-Host of a Podcast-how many kids co-host a podcast? I am a strong individual. And to be looked at like I have no idea what I'm talking about, or censoring yourself because I'm around, GIVE ME A BREAK. I have heard things 100 times worse of what you can say. Please don't judge me on my age. Don't act like I'm oblivious to what going on around me. Don't make excuses to me. Don't act like I'm incapable of having an intelligent conversation with you. Don't tell me that I'm to young to do anything. Don't act like we can't defend ourselves. Don't pretend we don't exist. Don't act like we are not a part of this community. Seriously we can see through your crap.


So ya... I just wanna say thank you to SNL this was really fun writing
P.S. Check out lonelycast15 at Lonelycast15.blogspot.com

Friday, July 18, 2008

Guest Blog Coming Soon!

I just got the e-mail from my guest blogger, and their blog is really great. The only thing that's preventing me from putting it up right now is that I have no time at the moment. You all will know them and I think you'll like their blog. It looks like most of you voted in favor of this, so I might do some more! Stay tuned later today!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Ideal LG15 Series Finale

OK, with the Solar Eclipse coming up, I figured I would say what I want to happen in the finale. I doubt all of my ideas will come true, but...it could happen. First, I want a 24in24. Just saying, that'd be awesome. That was the original idea anyway, and I think MasonIsHappy is doing one soon. Secondly, someone needs to die. Someone we really care about. There needs to be amazing awesome twist that NO ONE saw coming. Not even ModelMotion. Like, Lucy is Jennie's real mom! Or, Dr. Hart is alive and he's a runway model. I doubt that last one is true. Oh! Old people need to come back. I need to see Sonia, Mallory, Spencer, Chris, Barb, and anyone else that's not dead that hasn't been back in a while. That'd be awesomazing. Jerry needs to make his cameo. Nikki B needs to be there with him, and hit Greg over the head with a fire hydrant. And, uh, yeah that's pretty much it! Comment your wacky ideas!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Decision...

I've reached a conclusion for my idea of having a guest blogger! I have decided to let other kids be heard, and have already contacted the first guest blogger. You can still veto this idea on the poll, and I will stop after Guest Blog #1 from a suprise person. I think you will like this, however, as it is interesting to hear it from other kids points-of-views. So, yeah that's it. See ya guys later!

Back to Old Me

Sorry for my outburst, but I have opinions that I felt needed to be heard. Anyways, back to the old, funny, non-yelling at everyone me!

My Idea...

If you don't know, one of my most recent posts was about how important kids are in the community, and that's why I created this blog. Well, after writing that, it got me to thinking: Maybe some other kids need to be heard too. Now this idea is just in the planning stages, but I was thinking of occasinally having guest bloggers to talk about their opinions. Guest KID bloggers, of course. I'm sure Lily, Pok, P-MonkeyGetsFunky, and many other kids have things that would like to post as a blog. I don't want to do this just on a whim, so I decided to ask my readers. I actually don't know how many of you there are, but I hope there are a decent amount to participate in a poll. Now, on the side you will see a poll asking if you would like me to include guest bloggers, or not. If you don't see it now, it will be there soon. So, uh, yeah! Vote! One vote per person, I guess. Bye!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jenni Powell: The Musical?

Yep, that's right folks, coming to a city not anywhere even near you, is Jenni Powell: The Musical! Produced by muah, and directed by Michael Bay, it's a new hit musical with an all star cast!
Meryl Streep as Jenni Powell
Julie Andrews as Kira Lobstein
Gary Coleman as Daniel Weiss
James Earl Jones as Adam Daroff
Christian Bale as P.J. Scott-Blankenship
Sean Connery as Jerry Wright
It's gonna be an awesomeness hit!
See it!
Uh...Edit the LGPedia!

Kids in the Community...

As a kid (a monkey could've figured that out by looking at the title of my blog-provided said monkey could read of course), I've taken special notice to all the kids in the community. The kids who are my age, or younger teenagers. When people are talking in chat, we have a completely different view on things. And that's why I started this blog, to let people know the kid's views of things. JustLily, Poknish, Maddemp, NoahVamp, snl06 (me), and some others are LG15 fans. It's kind of a PG-13 show, but still many of us our in love with it and continue to watch. I've been trying to get some of my friends to watch it, but how easy is "OK, so there's these 20-year olds, and they're on the run from this religion who killed their friend-she's lonelygirl15, see? OK, anywho, she had something in her blood that could extend the lives of these people called Elders, and, uh yeah, it's cool." I try to persuade my friends to watch but with no prevail. However, with the new show coming up, and SOME fans watching and evermore promoting EQAL, why not ask kids to watch too? It's really a show for any age and I think that everyone should experience it. So now I can say "There's this really cool show online that's starting and I think you should check it out!" See? Easy! Kids are still very important to this community and we should continue to recruit them as well. Providing, of course, you actually are watching the new show.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pulling An All-Nighter

OK, sorry I haven't blogged in like FOREVER (since Friday afternoon, it's been so long lol), I will tell you why. On Friday, some of my friends and I decided to have an awesome day. They had it all planned out, and I kinda went along with it. First, we went to a grocery store for pizza. I did not know why we did this, as the pizza there was nothing special. However, the real fun started once we headed over to the bowling alley, and played two games, both of which I won. I have a strategy for winning now, leaving my ever-bowling friend sulking. Then, we went to the pool and argued about which movie we wanted to rent. One of my friends wanted to get Epic Movie. Haha, yeah right. Appearently, it was amazingly funny. Haha, yeah right again. I suggestted Anchorman, and that same kid shot me down with "No, that movie was stupid." You loved Epic Movie, but you hated Anchorman!?!?!? What the heck? We finally agreed on Baby Mama, which, luckily enough, they didn't have. So we watched Drillbit Taylor instead, and I guess it was funny, but I was too busy texting and eating popcorn.

However, the real funness and awesomenss started once I got home and begged my parents to let me stay up all night. And they did. So, I kept myself busy, texting and chatting online, but I got really tired, and decided to lay on the couch and fell asleep at 5:30.

Basically, when I woke up, I felt terrible and tired all day. I didn't think it was fun staying up all night. Maybe, till like 3 AM, but not the whole night. I don't know why I'm rambling on, just talking. I never stay on topic in this blog, so deal with it, lol!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blood Will Flow

OK, with today (Friday, July 11th)'s new video, it makes me wonder: What importance does Jonas have to all of this? I mean, at first he was just some random kid coming to help two homeless people fight some evil orginization. But, as it's revealed, his parents did work for the Resistance and knew that he would, someday, too. I honestly don't get how coincidental that is. It's kinda cool though, I guess. With them taking Jonas, he might be the damsel in distress for Eclipse. I wonder why The Order (or Sarah in a cloak) really want him. Is he a Trait Positive guy? Will that key really bring them down? These are the questions that haunt me. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Recently, on LG15 Today, I was making my hourly check (not exaggerated, lol :)) and I saw "MaxterBexter: Pilot," amongst all the LG15 related vids. I wondered, Ok what the heck is MaxterBexter, some crappy Quarterlife spin-off? (I never like Quarterlife, sorry Bitsie!) I checked it out, and discovered Becki Kregoski (the awesomeness Taylor) and Maxwell Glick (Spencer!). While I had just seen Taylor recently in the failed watchyourjack series (which I liked, by the way), I hadn't seen Spencer, or Max for the matter, since August. I loved to hear the he still actually exsisted, and that he was very much like Spencer. I subscribed (duh), and have loved every vid since. If you haven't, you should check it out at:
It's almost as awesome as me!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Hey guys, if you read my blog, and like it (I really hope you do!), feel free to comment, they are appreciated. Knowing that you guys like my blog is what keeps it going, so feel free to comment all your heart desires! OK, that got a little cheesy at the end.

LG15 is Still Amazing...

With many people on IRC chat, and the forums, claiming that LG15 has gone down-hill, I was suprised, because I very much disagreed. Even though it had taken a different direction than, say, a year ago, I still thought that it had a very great quality to it. People were saying, "It's going to end soon, it's not as good..." and I disagreed completely. I figured that it would just go on forever and never end. But, I still had a few doubts. So, I PMmed Mrs. Goodfried herself, and told her "Don't listen to the idiot haters, they suck. Don't end the show." And she never replied. I figured she must've been busy, until I saw that announcement of the Season 3 Finale: Eclipse (or whatever it's called). At first I was devestated, but now I see that there will be a new show and it will end with a bang, it's okay. But, as the awesomazing (my new word) series comes to a close, it seems to me that it's getting even better. With new clues and great plotlines, that may finally lead to the destruction of The Order (but probably not, considering there will be more shows), it proves that LG15 still has it's great quality and appeal that it's had since "First Blog/Dorkiness Prevails."

Lucy is Off?!?

OK, c'mon. Lucy is the best meepin villian ever. You can't vote her off the Villian Elimination Game! But I guess you guys already did...sigh...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Edit the LGPedia!

Why? Because Zoey says so! Don't question it! Why are you still reading this? You should be editing the LGPedia! Go! Now! EDIT!


With Poknish's recent raising of the audio in Jonas's new video, much speculation has come about that Sarah is the one who left him the tape. I agree, I think that this sounds amazingly like Lexi, or Sarah. However, I DO NOT (repeat DO NOT) want Sarah to be evil. It seems that FINALLY after a long, hard year of ups-and-downs-and-downs-and-downs-and-kinda ups after Prom. It's actually been going up a lot since then, and it looks that Danny B and Miss Emo Chick herself will get a happy ending. Unless, of course, she is evil. If LG15 has to end, then I would like for some characters to have a happy ending. I'm sure that someone won't live happily ever after though. This is LonelyGirl15, of course. Someone has to die. And since it's ending, someone REALLY important will die, I'm sure. I just hope that The Creators will have mercy and spare Daniel/Sarah and Jonas/Jennie, but I have a feeling that one of them will die and ruin the other's life. At least, until the Solar Eclipse, I would like Daniel and Sarah to live happily ever after. That would be nice. For once. Something not going wrong. Let's cross our fingers.

Whatever Happened to That Guy, Jeromy?

Hey people, snl06 again (obviously-no one else knows the password to my blog). I was looking around YouTube today, and I clicked on something that made me think: a little, old channel called redearth88. I looked at the redearth account, and I looked at the maddisonatkins account, and I wondered: Why haven't these two girls updated in so long? It's been almost 3 months since Marla Singer tried to convince Clara to come out of her house, and 5 (yes 5-almost half a year!) since Rachel expressed her dissapointment in Aly's non-intrest. While Glenn keeps saying, on BreeFM, that RedEarth will be back soon, I can't help but wonder: How soon? Where has Rachel been this past half-year, and what progress has Tachyon (or Aly Zarin, as she now prefers to be called) made? Did Marla convince Clara to come out of depression, and live her life? And how much long before Gregory goes insane, because no one is making a student film about his daughter? These are the questions that haunt me. So, Jeromy or Glenn, if you're out there, let us know, somehow, when these accounts will be updated, because they are truly awesome stories and need to be told, in my opinion.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Shining Remake (Well, Sort Of)

So, I was looking at the front page of one of my favorite sites, imdb.com, and found the link to something that I think is really cool. They hired 55 look-alike actors, built many look-alike sets, and showed, from Stanley Kubrick's point of view, the famous director walking through the set, getting ready to shoot "The Shining". It truly is amazing how they did this, and it's all for one 1:05 commercial. That's pretty cool. Check it out at http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/jul/03/channel4.kubrick

Disaster Movie?

I recently saw the trailer for the new Friedberg/Seltzer movie, "Disaster Movie." OK, I didn't see Date Movie, however I did see Epic Movie, and it sucked. I'm sorry, but it was disgusting and just awful beyond imagination. Meet the Spartans, in my opinion, was better, funny more than disgusting, but the un-rated version was disgusting and just awful beyond imagination. Hopefully, this will be better, but let me tell why it probably won't:

1. It starts off with Iron Man getting hit by a cow (yes, cow, not car-that's later)
2. Hannah Montana then gets crushed under a meteor, while promoting her two new CD's.
3. Giselle, from Enchanted, gets hit by a car.
4. Hancock flies up and hits his head on a pole (funny, real funny...)
5. The Hulk's pants rip off.
6. The Sex and the City girls (Carrie, however, is a man in drag) meet Juno, and turn it into a "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" joke, complete with "This is my foot. And this is the baby's foot." See, cause she's pregnant, and instead of her foot, like Zohan, it's the baby's. Hilarious.

So, as you may see, this movie doesn't look that funny. At all. It just looks like they take people from pop culture and hit them with stuff. Litterally, that's all their is. I don't know it could end up being good, but I doubt it. Remember when those guys made fun of LG15, with Carmen Electra? That was funny. But the rest of Epic Movie, and it's promotion, wasn't good. Hopefully this is better. But, somehow, I doubt it.

ModelMotion Rocks!

Just my shoutout to ModelMotion, for being the first to comment on my blog! Hopefully many more comments, from MM and others, will follow!


Ricky Mower Feed

I just saw a new bonus episode of LJ15, Ricky Mower Feed 1. It, honestly, was hilarious. This guy, trying to be like a certain Miss Nicole Bower, was looking for clues and being all investigative-reporty. He acts like Nikki B when she finds a clue, only to find out that it's just a stick. He does eventually find a checkbook with a Gym of Sun membership. Hmmm...looks like Ricky Mower's going undercover in the Gym of Sun, just like Nikki Bower went undercover in the Hymn of One. Wow, RoyTheBoy is extremely good at rhyming. But, if you haven't seen it, check it out. It's really funny, great job RoyTheBoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

TAAG Elimination Game

OK, so the TAAG elimination game on the forums is now down to four people: Bree, Daniel, Sarah, and Gina. These 4 are, no doubt, my favorite members of TAAG. So, as you can imagine, it was VERY hard for my to vote. But my favorite character of all is, and will always be, Bree. So I had to up her points. Of these 4, all of whom I love, we knew Gina the least. She had less time to make an impression on us, and, of these 4, she is my least favorite. So, I lost her one point. We have to get her out so Bree can conquer and win! With Sarah in a close second! Sorry DanielBeast, but you're my third favorite. You have to go as well. Let's see how this turns out!

BreeFM Shoutout!

JenniPowell just gave me a shoutout on BreeFM, just saying. Not super-huge news, but it's my first shoutout ever in anything, so I'm mildly excited. Plus, she has a really cool puppet hand puppy that barks some song. It's quite an awesome little puppet hand puppy, actually.

My New Blog!

Hey people, this is snl06 from LG15 Chat! I saw hopefulsemblance's blog, LOVED the idea of blogging, and decided to start a blog, from a kid's point of view. I won't only talk about LG15, but other stuff as well. I hope that hopefulsemblance doesn't think I'm stealing his idea, because I'm not. He was my inspiration for this, and we're both just people who blog about LG15. Kinda different besides that. And plus, I'm a kid, and he's an adult, so many of our views on things are different. So, uh, yeah, I hope that everyone enjoys my blog! :)