Monday, July 7, 2008

Disaster Movie?

I recently saw the trailer for the new Friedberg/Seltzer movie, "Disaster Movie." OK, I didn't see Date Movie, however I did see Epic Movie, and it sucked. I'm sorry, but it was disgusting and just awful beyond imagination. Meet the Spartans, in my opinion, was better, funny more than disgusting, but the un-rated version was disgusting and just awful beyond imagination. Hopefully, this will be better, but let me tell why it probably won't:

1. It starts off with Iron Man getting hit by a cow (yes, cow, not car-that's later)
2. Hannah Montana then gets crushed under a meteor, while promoting her two new CD's.
3. Giselle, from Enchanted, gets hit by a car.
4. Hancock flies up and hits his head on a pole (funny, real funny...)
5. The Hulk's pants rip off.
6. The Sex and the City girls (Carrie, however, is a man in drag) meet Juno, and turn it into a "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" joke, complete with "This is my foot. And this is the baby's foot." See, cause she's pregnant, and instead of her foot, like Zohan, it's the baby's. Hilarious.

So, as you may see, this movie doesn't look that funny. At all. It just looks like they take people from pop culture and hit them with stuff. Litterally, that's all their is. I don't know it could end up being good, but I doubt it. Remember when those guys made fun of LG15, with Carmen Electra? That was funny. But the rest of Epic Movie, and it's promotion, wasn't good. Hopefully this is better. But, somehow, I doubt it.


chris said...

Well said both movies were dire and i also asume this one is also.

Instead of actually just hitting them over the head they should point out why these people are anoying.
And define whats wrong with these characters message then people will find the jokes more entertaining.


snl06 said...

Or just watch a Zucker or Wayans Bros. movie and see how a spoof is actually done, Friedberg/Seltzer!