Saturday, July 19, 2008

Guest Blog #1: Poknish

Hey guys, it's Poknish. Um, SNL asked me to do this Guest Blog-thingamijig. So I'm just gonna talk (or write). I think this blog is awesome! SNL is kinda giving the LG15 community a chance to voice their opinion. In the LG15 community, there are two groups of people: the ones who are willing to help noobs find a spot in the community, and the other that take a little longer to let you in their circle of friends. The LG15 community was not the first online community I have joined. I played, and still do play, World of Warcraft, but LG15 sorta took up my playing time.

I first learned that this community was a very unique community. I mean this is a very unique show, an online show where you actually get to talk to your favorite character. This was awesome. But I think it is so cool that the Creators and actors also reach out to the community. Which, since I am on this topic, why not just have a mini-rant right now? I like to think of myself neutral in this fight, but now I have to be honest and say I'm on The Creators side. I mean they have been on our side this whole entire time. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have had the chance to meet these amazing people that I stay up with until like 3 AM at night. I find it sad how The Creators are criticized for everything they do. Now, I don't mean that the people that are mad at The Creators are "bad people". It's just that I have a hard time seeing their point of view on all of this. I know that The Creators love their fans SO MUCH-no matter what they do.

And then we come on the issue of kids in the community. I don't like the term kid. Let's go with Pre-teen or teenager. We are looked at like we can't do anything. Or like we don't have a say. I don't want to be looked like that. I'm a DJ on Bree Fm-how many teenagers are actually DJ's? I'm a Co-Host of a Podcast-how many kids co-host a podcast? I am a strong individual. And to be looked at like I have no idea what I'm talking about, or censoring yourself because I'm around, GIVE ME A BREAK. I have heard things 100 times worse of what you can say. Please don't judge me on my age. Don't act like I'm oblivious to what going on around me. Don't make excuses to me. Don't act like I'm incapable of having an intelligent conversation with you. Don't tell me that I'm to young to do anything. Don't act like we can't defend ourselves. Don't pretend we don't exist. Don't act like we are not a part of this community. Seriously we can see through your crap.


So ya... I just wanna say thank you to SNL this was really fun writing
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snl06 said...

Good job Poknish! That was longer than any blog I've ever written, lol. Good to have you on the blog!

poknish said...

lol i didnt want to write something to small

milowent said...

i am fired up for lg15kid's rights now after reading poknish's blog.


They may be young,
and may not drive,
But they keep
the lg15 dream alive,

Don't count them out
Don't give them hell
Though they may work
at Taco Bell

We all were young
yeah that's right
Back when TV's
were Black and White,

I hope you know
this song's in jest
Keep on truckin'
You're All the Best.

Anonymous said...

Pok writes: "..I stay up with until like 3 AM at night.."
--> and you're one of those who goes to bed early, compared to everyone else, lol!! Great commentary Poknish, and great inclusion snl06!!