Thursday, July 10, 2008


Recently, on LG15 Today, I was making my hourly check (not exaggerated, lol :)) and I saw "MaxterBexter: Pilot," amongst all the LG15 related vids. I wondered, Ok what the heck is MaxterBexter, some crappy Quarterlife spin-off? (I never like Quarterlife, sorry Bitsie!) I checked it out, and discovered Becki Kregoski (the awesomeness Taylor) and Maxwell Glick (Spencer!). While I had just seen Taylor recently in the failed watchyourjack series (which I liked, by the way), I hadn't seen Spencer, or Max for the matter, since August. I loved to hear the he still actually exsisted, and that he was very much like Spencer. I subscribed (duh), and have loved every vid since. If you haven't, you should check it out at:
It's almost as awesome as me!


modelmotion said...

It really is good.

snl06 said...

Every episode makes me laugh so hard.