Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Milowent's Song

OK, I said I wouldn't blog this week, and I probably won't too much, but, as I was reading through the comments (thanks for leaving them by the way), I saw that Milowent had written a song about kids in the community. I was, like, freaking amazingly happy. This is just what Poknish and I talk about, and the whole point to this blog. So, I decided to make a blog and show everyone who hadn't seen it. Here it is:


They may be young,

and may not drive,

But they keep the lg15 dream alive,

Don't count them out

Don't give them hell

Though they may work

at Taco Bell

We all were young

yeah that's right

Back when TV's

were Black and White,

I hope you know

this song's in jest

Keep on truckin'

You're All the Best.

Great song, Milowent! Keep writing more, they're always awesome!

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