Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Ideal LG15 Series Finale

OK, with the Solar Eclipse coming up, I figured I would say what I want to happen in the finale. I doubt all of my ideas will come true, could happen. First, I want a 24in24. Just saying, that'd be awesome. That was the original idea anyway, and I think MasonIsHappy is doing one soon. Secondly, someone needs to die. Someone we really care about. There needs to be amazing awesome twist that NO ONE saw coming. Not even ModelMotion. Like, Lucy is Jennie's real mom! Or, Dr. Hart is alive and he's a runway model. I doubt that last one is true. Oh! Old people need to come back. I need to see Sonia, Mallory, Spencer, Chris, Barb, and anyone else that's not dead that hasn't been back in a while. That'd be awesomazing. Jerry needs to make his cameo. Nikki B needs to be there with him, and hit Greg over the head with a fire hydrant. And, uh, yeah that's pretty much it! Comment your wacky ideas!

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