Sunday, July 6, 2008

My New Blog!

Hey people, this is snl06 from LG15 Chat! I saw hopefulsemblance's blog, LOVED the idea of blogging, and decided to start a blog, from a kid's point of view. I won't only talk about LG15, but other stuff as well. I hope that hopefulsemblance doesn't think I'm stealing his idea, because I'm not. He was my inspiration for this, and we're both just people who blog about LG15. Kinda different besides that. And plus, I'm a kid, and he's an adult, so many of our views on things are different. So, uh, yeah, I hope that everyone enjoys my blog! :)



modelmotion said...


milowent said...

hopefulsemblance is an adult?!! don't tell him!

chris said...

Yeh probably best not to tell him that xD

I feel bad im currently in a situation where im unavailable to drop by chat i used to be in there all the time. Judging from what iv seen so far snl you rule and im sure we would get along just fine in irc :)

snl06 said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!