Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sarah=Evil? (Part 2)

I'm back! Woooo! I won't be back for long though, but I'm officially announcing my return to this blog as Thursday. But, I have time today, so why not do a blog. I was thinking about what would make a cool blog, and I remembered Friday's video: "We're Screwed!!!" and thought that would be perfect. Because, besides Bree of course, Sarah is---was my favorite character. She became my least favorite character at the revelation that she was a mole. YES, MOLE! SHE WORKS FOR THE ORDER! I can't believe it. Jennie was supposed to be the plantcake, not Sarah. I understand that she was forced, and blah blah blah, but she could've told TAAG and have them shoot her dad, or she could've just done it herself. But no, instead she kept them informed about everything, even though she "loved" them all. If you really loved them Sarah, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TOLD THE ORDER THEIR EVERY MOVE! Auuugh, Sarah, you dummy-head. Taylor can rot in hell for all I care, because you are a TRAITOR! She didn't defy her dad, now did she? She didn't seek help from her friends, now did she? This makes her PLANTCAKE-Y-MOLEY-TRAITOR-THING! I would have NEVER in A MILLION years thought that you worked for The Order. IT'S YOUR FAULT GINA IS DEAD! If you help them fight The Order this week, I'll consider forgiving you, but right now I kinda DESPISE YOU! My rant is done. Have a nice day.

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