Tuesday, July 8, 2008


With Poknish's recent raising of the audio in Jonas's new video, much speculation has come about that Sarah is the one who left him the tape. I agree, I think that this sounds amazingly like Lexi, or Sarah. However, I DO NOT (repeat DO NOT) want Sarah to be evil. It seems that FINALLY after a long, hard year of ups-and-downs-and-downs-and-downs-and-kinda ups after Prom. It's actually been going up a lot since then, and it looks that Danny B and Miss Emo Chick herself will get a happy ending. Unless, of course, she is evil. If LG15 has to end, then I would like for some characters to have a happy ending. I'm sure that someone won't live happily ever after though. This is LonelyGirl15, of course. Someone has to die. And since it's ending, someone REALLY important will die, I'm sure. I just hope that The Creators will have mercy and spare Daniel/Sarah and Jonas/Jennie, but I have a feeling that one of them will die and ruin the other's life. At least, until the Solar Eclipse, I would like Daniel and Sarah to live happily ever after. That would be nice. For once. Something not going wrong. Let's cross our fingers.

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