Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whatever Happened to That Guy, Jeromy?

Hey people, snl06 again (obviously-no one else knows the password to my blog). I was looking around YouTube today, and I clicked on something that made me think: a little, old channel called redearth88. I looked at the redearth account, and I looked at the maddisonatkins account, and I wondered: Why haven't these two girls updated in so long? It's been almost 3 months since Marla Singer tried to convince Clara to come out of her house, and 5 (yes 5-almost half a year!) since Rachel expressed her dissapointment in Aly's non-intrest. While Glenn keeps saying, on BreeFM, that RedEarth will be back soon, I can't help but wonder: How soon? Where has Rachel been this past half-year, and what progress has Tachyon (or Aly Zarin, as she now prefers to be called) made? Did Marla convince Clara to come out of depression, and live her life? And how much long before Gregory goes insane, because no one is making a student film about his daughter? These are the questions that haunt me. So, Jeromy or Glenn, if you're out there, let us know, somehow, when these accounts will be updated, because they are truly awesome stories and need to be told, in my opinion.


modelmotion said...

When the time is right I think they will be back. Patience:)

snl06 said...

You're right ModelMotion, lol. Patience is the key.

chris said...

It's so beautiful to see the wool pull from someone’s eyes and see them talk about this.

Your right its been a long time. Most people know by now not to hype themselves up at the premise that it will start again.

Time and patients will lead to a much better result than forcing their hands.

I know id rather wait for them to have the entire story ready and keep the infinite flow going when they are ready to start.

And it can be done from where its set up. Considering how long it’s now been Maddison would most likely become a cold case and put anyway until new information can reopen it. And so long as Ally is livening with Rachel the bad guys will sit, wait and plan to pound when a window of opportunity arises.

So we have 2 points where these stories can drop into a large expanse of time that wont effect the story. MA can start again when new evidence arises. As for RE88 the story can be triggered at any time by perhaps an unpredictable factor of a third party that compromises Rachel’s safety and the bad guys jump[ on that window of opportunity. and there we have our possible catalysts to start the whole thing again.

So yes it has been a long wait but if you sit back and look at all the information both sides of the stories have been left in an ambiguous state where and infinite amount of time can pass between the end and when it starts again.

And so we just sit here and twiddle our thumbs whilst things are being sorted xD ^^