Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lonefox101 Finale!!!!!

OK people, as many of you know, the lonefox101 finale is coming up VERY soon. And I'm excited. A 24in24!?!?!?! That's gonna be sweet! One thing I think they should do is have character interaction. I heard they might, but of course they need enough people to participate. I would like to see this, so to prove to them that character interaction would be a good/bad idea, I'm going to have a poll on the side. How many of you would participate in lonefox101 character interaction? Please vote once, and have a great day!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dr. Bethany's 24 in 6!!!!

Woot! Hello everyone, I have a very extra specially awesome announcement: Today is Dr. Bethany Ella Fitzgerald III, Phd's 24 in 6! That's right, over the span of 6 hours, Jenni Powell and Greg Gallows will release 24 AWESOME videos! Watch Dr. Bethany as she gets in many adventures, and uploads them all on YouTube. So, later today, sit back, relax, and enjoy a new vid every 15 minutes!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yes, that's right people, this month there will be a 24in24 for the FIRST TIME EVER by lonefox101! After people hoped for a 24in24 from KateModern, then lonelygirl15, then MasonIsHappy (stupid Mason...), we are finally getting to see what it will be like to stay up all night and watch 24 episodes unfold. I do not think this will be easy on Mitch's part, but it is possible. It's going to interesting to see how the episode storyline stretch out over 24 hours. I am definitly going to stay up and watch it. So, uh, yeah. Sorry this blog was pointless but I'm kinda tired and blogged out right now, so I'll talk to you later!

The Resistance...

When I woke up on August 2nd, I was suprised to find a new video on the lonelygirl15 account: The Resistance. At first I was confused and thought it was a new episode, but it turned out it was a trailer for the new show by EQAL. I was suprise and excited to find that Jonas AND Sarah are in the new show, as they are both some of my favorite characters (well, there aren't really characters I don't like-except Mallory-she's stupid). What puzzled me was that the resistance wanted Sarah to fight the Order, when the only real skill she has is being extremely good looking. Although I guess she's the only one who really wants to fight the Order.

What's going to be interesting is to see if the characters in this show have any aspect of a normal life. I mean, KateModern and, to a lesser extent, LG15 both had the characters partly living normal lives. But they make it seem like this show is about an already established resistance group, with not much room for relationships, jobs, and everything else that's not fighting the Order. I hope that they prove me wrong, because a normal life is one of the best aspects of the Breeniverse.

That just made me think of something else...are Jonas and Sarah going to develop new romantic intrests? I mean, with Daniel gone and Jennie ditched (very rudely, I may add), I don't know if they're romantic lives are going to recover. Well, Sarah's will. She'll just makeout with every guy on the new show. Although I guess they have to have romances. It just wouldn't be the same without them. I wonder who they'll date next....maybe each other! Maybe Jonas and Sarah will recover from both of their losses and fall in love with each other! That'd be sweet! Eh, well...I doubt it. They don't seem very compatible.

Thanks for reading my blog! Talk to you soon!

My Triumphant Return!

I'm back people! Sorry for not updating this thing in WAY too long, but I've been busy, and I felt the blog needed a break for a while. After LG15 ended, there isn't that much to blog about. But, I'll manage. I'm gonna have a few blogs today to make up for my lack of them. I hope you like them. Adios people!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Thoughts on the Finale...

Sorry I haven't blogged in a LONG time. Turns out this week has been extremely busy for me as well. So, these are my thoughts on the LG15 Series Finale. First, too short. They could have made it MUCH more eventful and exciting. It was just 1:30 clips of them trying to get off a boat. NOTHING about the actual ascension. When the series actually ended with 7:00 PM, I thought that it was terrible. No resultion on ANYTHING, no loose ends tied up, nothing. However, once Lucy posted her video, leaving it on a cliffhanger, I realized something: that it wasn't meant to tie up all the loose ends. They're going to be carried over into the next series, "the resistance." And while I now understand that that was the reason for the EXTREMELY anti-climatic ending, I still don't see why it was so short. I mean, it was like a half an hour! Less than that! Stretched over 12 hours! And nothing, I repeat NOTHING, happened. The fan interaction was uneventful as well. So, all in all, it was okay. Spencer returned, and that was AWESOME. Points up for that. No Sonia, though. Or Nikki B. And what ever happened to the humming box that Spencer was holding? Hmmm, all for the next series, I guess...