Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rat Fight!

As things get heated up in the LG15 community, this is snl06 with the halftime report,

It all started out simply enough. A dude named TunnelRat posting some...odd videos against The Creators. They were weird, in my opinion, but not threatening. They weren't so weird, however, that they couldn't be posted on LG15 Today. I think they should have been. But, whatever. So THEN, QtheC deletes them! WHAT!?!?! DUNDUNDUUUUUUN! The community starts getting a little bit angry--"no one censors LG15 Today for no good reason", was their platform. So, Apo and Greystoke post one vid each mocking some of Q's censorship, not in a mean way, just showing that they did not agree with this. Well, Q, in an attempt for humourous payback, dubbed one of Greystoke's vids making him sound like a woman beater, dog beater, and dog rapist. This was considered offensive by many, and one step too far. Way too far. QtheC argued that Greystoke also posted a video against him, but he was yelled back at for obvious reasons: Greystoke's vid subtly mocked Q's censoring, while Q's vid was a representation of Greystoke that was not funny at all, in most people's opinions. Now the LG15 community is getting mad. What right does QtheC have to censor this, and why is he not putting this back when the whole community wants him to? Q, however, stood by his opinion. Mmkay, now for the exciting part. THE LG15 COMMUNITY IS AT QTHEC'S THROAT! Arguing about Q's position and what position he has to censor. People are thinking he may have done it because ModelMotion is away, and he feels like he has more power--but this is only some's opinions. ModelMotion himself has only offered little comments on the situation, and very vague ones at that, because he does not want to be considered the one in charge of everything. ModelMotion is a well-known believer that someone's rights of posting on LG15 Today should never be taken away. He thinks that the community should solve this, and see where that stands. Like OMG, so exciting, isn't it? Even more exciting than "Heroes"! Well, not more exciting. Maybe kinda-ish, almost as exciting with a hint of annoyingness. I think ApotheosisAZ should be on Heroes. I mean, come on, how awesome would that be if he had the power to, like, kill people with his mind? He could be the main villain instead of that one dude who isn't as awesome as Apo. Speaking of Apotheosis, what the heck is an apotheosis. I mean, it's such a long word, I wonder if it's some kind of phsicological word. I hope I spelled pshicological right. Speaking of Hope, why hasn't he posted on his blog in a month? Those blogs were awesome, even more awesome than The Nerd Corner (which is also awesome). I think I'm pretty awesome. I should enter an awesome contest. Sorry, I'm getting distracted. Anyways, this is snl06 with the Halftime TunnelRat Fight Report. See you soon for more info!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Umm, I guess I have to make a blog about this. I just...don't know what to say. There are people in this world who just have to have it their way. Even if it means being incredibly mean and vicious to someone. When that person tries to contribute, they pick at them and pick at them until nothing is left but that person, tears in their eyes, standing alone in some deserted place where they have just been torn down completely. They look around and sigh, wondering why they even bother to try anymore. Some people are so difficult that everyone who crosses paths with them is left confused and depressed. They try to brighten up their day somehow, but their mind comes back to the image of that person, taunting them and yelling at them for something that wasn't even bad. And no matter how much that person tries to forgive and forget, and make up with the vicious bully, the bully just keeps bullying. Bullying so much that the one person is left sitting down thinking about what they did wrong. And no matter how much they think, they can't think of what went wrong. They just...can't. Sometimes, you try to be a nice person and you get kicked at, yelled at, spat in the face by someone who just loves to tear people apart. If you are weak, you can't stand that. You just lie there bawling your eyes out, figuring that there is no reason to get up. I can't blame the weak people. Everyone feels weak when this happens. But if you are strong, you are able to pick yourself up, brush the tears out of your eyes, and continue on. That shows true strength. I think I am a strong person when it comes to that. I am able to get up, brush off my tears, and continue on. So that's why I made this post. To show that when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. So, I have to go and get a glass of lemonade. I'll talk to you guys later.

New EQAL Press Release

I found this on the official EQAL website:

"Hey everyone, it's The Creators here. Can you believe we are two weeks into "LG15: The Resistance" already? We hope you guys like it. We have some great stuff coming up! We have a fantastic crew that we hope is doing the Breeniverse justice! Actually, we just added someone to our crew. He was a fan, but now has become the official "Off-Site Administrator"--QtheC! Yes, that's right, our favorite Carpenter, Quince, is in charge of any-off site information on the show! That means that if we see something that we don't want posted, but it's not on LG15.com, it's QtheC's job to delete it! Now some of you may be a bit frusterated that QtheC now has the right to delete anything you post, anywhere on the Internet, but think of it as official EQAL information! Isn't that exciting? You now have official EQAL information on your own web page! Pretty awesome if you ask us! So if you post something on your blog, or on any fansite about LG15, don't be surprised to see official EQAL information, written by QtheC! We hope you love this brand new inovation subjects--er, fans. That's it for now!


P.S. Let's try to get a million bajillion comments on Chapter Two! We know that none of you have personal lives and live to comment on our vids! But remember, if you comment something that's not all that fantastical, QtheC will delete it! This is the Creators, signing off!"

Here's the link to the article: http://tinyurl.com/3f2f5y

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Winner of the Contest!

OK, thank you to all who took place in my poll. It's up for two more days if you haven't voted yet. But, only 2 of you actually participated in the contest, and one of them wasn't even a story lol. So, the default winner of the contest is SurfTheTsu! Details will follow Surf...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shameless Promotion


Sunday, September 7, 2008


OK, my question: Why is there homework? I know I sound a little immature for saying this and of course there's a "good reason for it" but I'm serious. If you think about it, us kids go to school for seven (count it--SEVEN!) hours of the day, and come home, only with more freaking work to do! Tell me the justice in that! I mean, seriously, I don't get it! They say it's so you "dont forget anything" and "get extra practice." OK, for one, I am not going to forget something I learned LESS THAN 24 HOURS AGO! And secondly, we don't need extra practice! We get it! Just give us, like, one worksheet to do in class and that will be fine. That will be our review. I mean, except studying for tests (which I don't like either), I don't feel that we should have homework. I mean, if you disagree with me, leave a comment and tell me why (I bet all of the adults are getting ready to write comments--just a guess :P). Also, don't forget to take part in my contest--What? You don't know about it? Well, than look at the blog post below, and have a great day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to School

OH NOES! Yep, that's right people, it's time to go back to school :( Sigh, it seems like the summer just started...and then it's SNATCHED away by stupid "intellectuals" who believe that children should get an "education" in order to "succeed in life." What a load of crap :P. So, I don't like that we have to go back, to school but do YOU!?!?! Anyone who went back to school this year, no matter what grade (college included), is liable to participate in my contest (ooo, a contest)--On the poll at the side, check yes or no on whether you wanted to go back to school, and then share an awesome back to school story in the comments of this post! It doesn't have to be from this year, just a good story--funny, dramatic, embarressing, anything! Whoever has the best story will win...something. I don't know yet. Something. I'll think of something good lol. So, post away, and win something mildly-okay! But remember, in order to qualify, you MUST enter a story in the comments. Hope to hear your awesome stories!


OK, I'm sure y'all have heard of a certain member of the community named Reed (or as I like to call him, Reedrick, or Jenni's obsession--either works)! There has been SO freakinmuch discussion on whether or not this "Reed" character is canon, it's blowing my mind! The way that he's written, filmed, edited, and acted, I think, is just WAY too LG15-like to not be somewhat canon. Maybe he's like a Nikki B-type person. Not really canon, but an a bridge to the fans. Although, he's not really talking about LG15, so probably not a bridge to the fans, but something of the sort. I actually think Amanda writes his stuff--she wrote all of Nikki Bower which was BRILLIANTE! but that ship has sailed, with Nikki Bower in first class. They say she's coming back, and I would love to see it, but-eh-I don't know how they will bring her back. I think they could've easily put her into the finale, if they had made it longer than 15 minutes lol. So, I think Reed could be the new way they can connect to the fans in the form of a character. And no, characters leaving puzzles and occasinonally coming on the forums doesn't count. I think Reed has potential, even if he's in no way associated with EQAL, he could go along way in the vlogging world. That's my opinion anyway. MMkay, ttyl, y'all! (and no, I'm not from the south, I just like saying y'all-deal with it!)

Bored...B-O-R-E-D, BORED!

Hey everyone, I know it's been FOREVER since I updated this thing, but I have a good reason. I've tried to get blogging started up again, but with no prevail. It's just that, without any LG15 show on currently, and since this is an LG15-oriented blog, I haven't had much to blog about. Sure, I could blog about what happens between shows, but I just haven't been all that interested in it. I'll try to start up again soon--lol, I always say that. I hope you guys haven't lost interest in my blog, because, with the new show coming up, I'mma try to get back full speed with this thing. I will have more guest blogs in the future for sure, you should see 2 or 3 in the next few weeks! I'm going to get some kids with alot of importance in the community, just like Poknish, who has done alot for it. I'll blog some more today and see where that takes me. I must be in the zone, lol. I sound so weird. Who knows, maybe I'll open this blog to kids permanantly and have certain ones be able to voice their opinions as well--I'm not the only kid who needs to express himself on stuff. You should be seeing some awesomeazing stuff coming up :) Talk to you later guys!