Saturday, September 27, 2008

New EQAL Press Release

I found this on the official EQAL website:

"Hey everyone, it's The Creators here. Can you believe we are two weeks into "LG15: The Resistance" already? We hope you guys like it. We have some great stuff coming up! We have a fantastic crew that we hope is doing the Breeniverse justice! Actually, we just added someone to our crew. He was a fan, but now has become the official "Off-Site Administrator"--QtheC! Yes, that's right, our favorite Carpenter, Quince, is in charge of any-off site information on the show! That means that if we see something that we don't want posted, but it's not on, it's QtheC's job to delete it! Now some of you may be a bit frusterated that QtheC now has the right to delete anything you post, anywhere on the Internet, but think of it as official EQAL information! Isn't that exciting? You now have official EQAL information on your own web page! Pretty awesome if you ask us! So if you post something on your blog, or on any fansite about LG15, don't be surprised to see official EQAL information, written by QtheC! We hope you love this brand new inovation subjects--er, fans. That's it for now!


P.S. Let's try to get a million bajillion comments on Chapter Two! We know that none of you have personal lives and live to comment on our vids! But remember, if you comment something that's not all that fantastical, QtheC will delete it! This is the Creators, signing off!"

Here's the link to the article:

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