Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rat Fight!

As things get heated up in the LG15 community, this is snl06 with the halftime report,

It all started out simply enough. A dude named TunnelRat posting some...odd videos against The Creators. They were weird, in my opinion, but not threatening. They weren't so weird, however, that they couldn't be posted on LG15 Today. I think they should have been. But, whatever. So THEN, QtheC deletes them! WHAT!?!?! DUNDUNDUUUUUUN! The community starts getting a little bit angry--"no one censors LG15 Today for no good reason", was their platform. So, Apo and Greystoke post one vid each mocking some of Q's censorship, not in a mean way, just showing that they did not agree with this. Well, Q, in an attempt for humourous payback, dubbed one of Greystoke's vids making him sound like a woman beater, dog beater, and dog rapist. This was considered offensive by many, and one step too far. Way too far. QtheC argued that Greystoke also posted a video against him, but he was yelled back at for obvious reasons: Greystoke's vid subtly mocked Q's censoring, while Q's vid was a representation of Greystoke that was not funny at all, in most people's opinions. Now the LG15 community is getting mad. What right does QtheC have to censor this, and why is he not putting this back when the whole community wants him to? Q, however, stood by his opinion. Mmkay, now for the exciting part. THE LG15 COMMUNITY IS AT QTHEC'S THROAT! Arguing about Q's position and what position he has to censor. People are thinking he may have done it because ModelMotion is away, and he feels like he has more power--but this is only some's opinions. ModelMotion himself has only offered little comments on the situation, and very vague ones at that, because he does not want to be considered the one in charge of everything. ModelMotion is a well-known believer that someone's rights of posting on LG15 Today should never be taken away. He thinks that the community should solve this, and see where that stands. Like OMG, so exciting, isn't it? Even more exciting than "Heroes"! Well, not more exciting. Maybe kinda-ish, almost as exciting with a hint of annoyingness. I think ApotheosisAZ should be on Heroes. I mean, come on, how awesome would that be if he had the power to, like, kill people with his mind? He could be the main villain instead of that one dude who isn't as awesome as Apo. Speaking of Apotheosis, what the heck is an apotheosis. I mean, it's such a long word, I wonder if it's some kind of phsicological word. I hope I spelled pshicological right. Speaking of Hope, why hasn't he posted on his blog in a month? Those blogs were awesome, even more awesome than The Nerd Corner (which is also awesome). I think I'm pretty awesome. I should enter an awesome contest. Sorry, I'm getting distracted. Anyways, this is snl06 with the Halftime TunnelRat Fight Report. See you soon for more info!

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QtheC said...

"dog rapist" is incorrect - that was never intended, and is an example of misinformation.

The video I made was a satire of LordGreystoke's video, intended only to point out the extreme inaccuracies of his statements about me by making even more extremely inaccurate statements about him. I stated this in the description for the video. As promised, I took the video down at the end of the day so that it would not be viewed out of context.