Saturday, September 27, 2008


Umm, I guess I have to make a blog about this. I just...don't know what to say. There are people in this world who just have to have it their way. Even if it means being incredibly mean and vicious to someone. When that person tries to contribute, they pick at them and pick at them until nothing is left but that person, tears in their eyes, standing alone in some deserted place where they have just been torn down completely. They look around and sigh, wondering why they even bother to try anymore. Some people are so difficult that everyone who crosses paths with them is left confused and depressed. They try to brighten up their day somehow, but their mind comes back to the image of that person, taunting them and yelling at them for something that wasn't even bad. And no matter how much that person tries to forgive and forget, and make up with the vicious bully, the bully just keeps bullying. Bullying so much that the one person is left sitting down thinking about what they did wrong. And no matter how much they think, they can't think of what went wrong. They just...can't. Sometimes, you try to be a nice person and you get kicked at, yelled at, spat in the face by someone who just loves to tear people apart. If you are weak, you can't stand that. You just lie there bawling your eyes out, figuring that there is no reason to get up. I can't blame the weak people. Everyone feels weak when this happens. But if you are strong, you are able to pick yourself up, brush the tears out of your eyes, and continue on. That shows true strength. I think I am a strong person when it comes to that. I am able to get up, brush off my tears, and continue on. So that's why I made this post. To show that when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. So, I have to go and get a glass of lemonade. I'll talk to you guys later.

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