Saturday, December 6, 2008

And now a word from our Pissed-Off Teenager

Sigh...I haven't been in chat a whole lot this week. Haven't been in the comments at all. But I've been lurking. And watching. And I see a lot of hate. Not just those two places, LG15 Today, LGpedia, everywhere! These trolls, and yes that is the correct term for them, are beating up on people for no appearent reason!

These vile, disgusting people are tearing down people who don't deserve it at all! And most of the people being attacked are my friends! I refuse to stand for this, and I will work my hardest to get these mega-assholes out of every LG15 source possible! Banned from the comments, banned from LG15 Today, banned from the Pedia, banned from chat. I just can't stand it.

Some of these low-life maggots seem to spend WAY too much time writing long rants that seem to have no purpose but to prove that they are jerks! The funny thing is, I don't see any action taking place against these lame excuses for people who feed off of others misery! I need to see some action here or I...just can't stay much longer. Not with this going on.

So I'm PMming Modelmotion. Zoey. Broken Kid. BrightSilence. Everyone. This serious problem needs to get fixed, and now, before anyone else gets hurt. Oh, and trust me, they will. People will get really hurt. Our community is falling apart, clinging on one last thread. Here comes the trolls with the scissors. If we can stop them, then everything will be so much better! No more hate against people.

Feel free to comment. Please comment actually. I want to hear what you have to say about this horrible situation striking our community at the moment. And the trolls. There are more than one of you, there are a lot who I'm speaking to. You know who I'm friends with. You know what you've done. I want you to comment on this because I want to hear your version on your so-called "favors" to the community.

That's it. I hope you consider the above.