Saturday, July 18, 2009

Looking Into It...

Hey everyone, it's SNL! Back again, in his triumphant return.

I decided to write on this blog again to address some questions about The Samantha Chronicles, my web show starring Liv. As you know, there haven't been any new episodes in a very long time. And I have done my best to answer some of these questions about it's return, but now I think I need to do it for real.

The most frequently asked question is "When will The Samantha Chronicles be coming back?" Very good question! I am currently looking into it!

Another frequently asked question is "Why did all the videos suddenly become privated for two weeks?" Another good question! I am also currently looking into that!

I hope this answered your questions about The Samantha Chronicles! If you have any more feel free to ask in the comments! :D


The One Where SNL Returns to his Blog

Hmmm...I think I remember this website...

*brushes off the cobwebs and resumes his place at the news desk*

Alright, I'm back.