Friday, March 12, 2010

Final Thoughts.

Wow. Can anybody believe it's been all but four years since Bree Avery first sat in front of her camera and told the world her thoughts? Since then, LG15 became the #1 most subscribed channel on YouTube, featured on numerous TV shows, and attracted nationwide attention on numerous media platforms. Not only that, but it had a thriving community, with 2 LG15 shows - both with videos every day. Hundreds (at least) of fans would sit patiently at their computers waiting for a new video. They would talk for hours in LG15Chat, maybe about something not even lonelygirl-related. Unforunately, that is all gone now. And I come forth with some haunting news:

LG15 is dead.

And I don't mean the girl. Well, she's dead too, but I'm talking about the series. The Show is Yours fails to bring in the viewers LG15 once did. A few dozen people (maybe) watch now, and the community frankly seems a lot more lifeless. And a big hint: The Creators have moved on.

Now, I am not going to sit here and insult the Creators for "abandoning" LG15. It is perfectly normal, healthy, and expected for a company like this to move on to different projects. I do have one complaint though, and you all know what it is: The Resistance cliffhanger. If the Creators would have given The Resistance a proper resolution, they could have been able to end LG15 once and for all. But they seem to insist upon dangling it by a thread in front of us, giving us the hope that it will return to what it once was.

I have been planning this blog for a week or so, not really sure of what to say. This morning, when I decided to sit down and write it, I made the discovery that BreeFM is coming to a close. Though I do not go in there anymore, this really hurt. I mean, REALLY hurt. BreeFM is most certainly not - nor has it ever been - my life, but it has been at least a fun little part of it. I will always cherish the memories of devising The Samantha Chronicles, winning Prom Prince, getting in fights with Chelsey, getting in fights with other people alongside Chelsey, Resistance Report, and more. I always felt like I could come back once I left...but now it's a reality. BreeFM will be gone.

And I believe this just reflects are dying franchise even moreso. I cannot imagine The Creators keeping up The Show Is Yours for much longer. It's a flawed concept that frankly did not work that well this time around. But LG15 itself, the show, the franchise, the essence of it all is gone. Which is why this is my last blog. I haven't blogged on here a lot and that is because I have become more busy, and I have cared less and less about LG15. I will still check LG15 Today, as it has become a habit of mine for the past three years, however to a lesser extent. I will stick around for the Outbreak and Last finales, respectively. But do not expect to see me around much.

This will be my last blog unless I have some huge to say. In which case, I will temporarily come out of retirement ;) Though, that is not likely. So I bid you all farewell, all of my friends, all of the people I've known so well over the past two years. My heart is very heavy as I write this - I will miss you all so very much. If you want to add me on Facebook (my REAL facebook) comment and give a link to yours. Well that's that.

This is SNL. Signing off.

Goodbye. :)


modelmotion said...

I think we all feel a great loss with BreeFM.

I do hope that one day you return to making a video series. The Samantha Chronicles had a lot to offer.

Anonymous said...

I completely understand that the show and its original characters are long gone. It was what it was and now its over. Man, it sure was a fun ride. I think they should do one last TSIY, and end the series. Someone should try to come up with how the last show should be done..Maybe one last time to at least end it! Just a thought....